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The three main source of nutrients of food:

  • Carbohydrates: bread, sugar, rice, pasta, fruit, fruit juice, cereal.
  • Fat: oil, butter, cheese, egg yolk.
  • Protein: meat, fish, egg white, poultry, cheese.

How enery is generated in the body?

The majority of the energy is from carbohydrates and fat. Protein only provide 15 percent of the total energy. As they are digested into the blood, some conversion is happening:

  • Carbohydrates -> glucose
  • Fat -> fat acids
  • Protein -> amino acids

As they go through the liver, they are broken down to get the hydrogen atom. Finally, it became the ATP, which is the form of energy used by the body. Fat has the most hydrogen atom intensity, thus, provide the most energy.

The energy generation take place in two places:

  • aerobic fiber: a type of cell in all muscules. Mainly for long-term energy. Mainly consumes fat.
  • anaerobic fiber: also in all muscules. Mainly for short-term energy. Mainly consumes sugar.


When the body don't have enough long-term energy from fat, and rely on suger, it causes the fatigue. To avoid fatigue, we need to eat the right food to provide the source of energy, and exercise to maintain the aerobic system of our bodies.