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git clone && cd vim
./configure --enable-python3interp 
sudo make
sudo make install

j down

k up

h left

l right

$ to the end of line

^ to the beginning of the first word

0 move the the beginning of the line

{ to previous empty line

} to next empty line

gg to the beginning of the file

G or :$ to the end of the file

<c-f> forward page

<c-b> back page

w or W next word

b or B beginning of word

e or E end of word

z<enter> scroll to let the current line at the top of the screen

18gg or 18G or :18 go to line 18

<c-w> then hjkl switch windows

<leader>d go to definition of a python object with jedi-vim. <leader> is mapped to \ by default.

<c-o> go back to where the cursor was just now.

<c-i> go forward if you used go back.

<c-]> go to the tag. Usually used in :help.

<c-[> go back from the tag.


c change

y copy

d delete

gq format to a paragraph with textwidth.


" + [register_name].

The register name can be 0-9 or a-z, or some other special ones.

"_ the black hole register. "1yy copy the current line to register 1. "1p paste the content in register 1.

:vimgrep */.py 'import numpy as np'


v select mode

V select lines

<c-v> select blocks


:%s/origin/destiny/g replace all. % means the entire file. Without it, it would only do the current line.

:%s/origin/destiny/gc replace interactively.

You can also use register to copy paste things for the word you want to search and replace. Just select and use y to copy, and paste with <c-r>".


<c-v> to select a block. I to insert a // or # at the beginning of the line.


:e open

:w save

:x save & quit

:q quit

:make makefile

:cwindow or :cw quickfix window

:r insert a file content to curser

:set nu turn on line number.

:set nonu turn of line number.

:set nu! toggle line number.

Replace nu with any other option.


<C-w>n new horizontal split (editing a new empty buffer)

<C-w>s split window horizontally (editing current buffer)

<C-w>v vsplit window vertically (editing current buffer)

<C-w>c close window

<C-w>o close all windows, leaving :only the current window open

za //fold and unfold code blocks

//open and close nerd tree

+g //go to definition

//go back

//go forward

gt //next tab

gT //previous tab


for directory:

p //parent

x // close

o // open

for file:

o // open

s //split

gs //silent split


<leader>+ta run all tests. This is remaped by me. <leader>+tn nearest. <leader>+tf file.

Search with CtrlP

To search for files and open:<c-p> to change pane.


switch between buffers:

:ls " show buffers

" switch between the current one and the last one

4 " switch to buffer number 4

:bd close buffer


n find all references. d go to definition.